Day 45 Part 2 – 2/17/2019

Two post coming at you on this wonderful day! This weekend, we took a break from hopping on planes, trains, and automobiles, and decided to enjoy our little city in the South of France. It sure was nice to be busy with absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to be. Our blissful Saturday started with a trip to our favorite, and the city’s best market, just around the corner from our apartment. Navigating our way through the crowd on people, we picked up some veggies, fruits, and more. We also checked out a man’s collection of pins that were for sale where we saw a pin in the shape of Wisconsin with a cow and a little farm on it. Crazy to be halfway around the world and still be connected to the Midwest. After our weekly market trip, we packed up our backpacks equipped with bread and wine and made our way to the beach for the afternoon. We met up with some of our Irish friends to enjoy the afternoon sun while looking out on the Mediterranean filled with sailboats. It was truly something out of a movie, but that movie is kind of our lives now. Every weekend seems to surprise us by being too good to be true. Guess we’ll just have to get used to living in a movie for the rest of the semester! I don’t think either of us will get sick of it. Cheers!


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