Day 45 – 2/17/2019

We journeyed to the big city last weekend. No not New York, Paris. It was quite to weekend. Started off with a 7:30 train ride, we both quickly fell in love with trains. You only have to show up 30 minutes early, there is no security, and much more personal space. When we arrived, we decided to forgo the 25-30 Euro Uber and choose to take Lime electric scooters to our Air BNB 5 miles away. It was a long trip but came in at about 6 Euros each and gave us a great mini tour of the city. Once we arrived we went for a little walk and ended up at the Eiffel Tower, which is far more impressive than pictures make it seem. After that we met up with Ellie and some of her friends for some happy hour drink at a place called Princess & Frog. After we made our way back towards the area everyone was staying and had a nice dinner. Then we all decided to part ways and get to bed early, after a short sprint through the rain we got back and hit the hay. We woke up the next day early and hit the city. First we went back and climbed to the second level of the Eiffel tower, to see the incredible view. The stairs were a great workout and the winds at the top cooled us off really quick. After that we made our way to the grand palace and strolled through the park which lead us right to the famous Louvre. We as lovers of art of course had to take advantage of the free admission for students. We went and admired the art, mostly just went to see Mona Lisa. Not that impressive in person to be honest, still worth going to see. The Louvre is really close to the Notre Dame cathedral which is also free to enter. That was really cool, pictures of the inside don’t really do it justice. After that a nap was calling our names. Once we awoke from our slumber we went out and got some happy hour drinks, dinner then met back up with Ellie and her friends for some drinks at a local bar. We then decided that we needed to go see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at midnight and grabbed some bottles of wine and made our way there. The tower is incredible at night, the light show really is something everyone needs to see. We took some great pictures and had a great time there. That was a great way to end the night. Woke up a little later Sunday and made our way to the Arc De Triumph, that was far more impressive than I thought it would be. There was a museum inside and bathrooms, we were both shocked by how big it was. Right down the road is the famous macaroon shop Laduree and had our first experience with macaroons, they live up to the hype. We ended our weekend in Paris with a trip through the famous catacombs to hang out with 6,000,000+ dead people. It was a morbid but great way to end the trip. Overall great weekend, weather wasn’t on our side, we made the most of what we were given though! As always, cheers.


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