Day 25 – 1/28/2019

Got the opportunity over the weekend to go visit some ancient Roman sites. First we visited Pont du Gard, which is a aqueduct that was constructed in 50 AD, so its kinda old… The bridge you see in the pictures below is only part of the entire aqueduct, this section took 20 years and a thousand slaves a day to construct. Rather a remarkable feat, especially considering we are struggling to hang up our shower head. After the bridge we went to the City of Nimes, which was a Roman city. There we went on a tour to see and hear about the history of the city. We enjoyed the first hour of the tour but hours 2 and 3 got a little long. The city really was incredible though, with beautiful winding streets that open up into these thousands of year old structures. We were slightly concerned that the protest that have been going on would hinder our ability to get back to Montpellier but the protesters must have used up all of there energy last weekend. As this week was a rather mild protest, meaning no fires and a city center no flooded with tear gas. That is the exciting news from this week, next weekend is our first trip out of the country and first time for both of us staying in a hostel. We will be venturing to Brussels, Belgium. That is the headquarters of the EU and NATO, we have some advice for them that we believe they are looking forward to hearing. Stay tuned for how that goes, as always, cheers.


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