Day 15 – 1/18/2019

Been a little while since we have posted, our apartment no longer has wifi… Other than that, all is well in paradise. We went to the most incredible vineyard the other day and got to do a wine tasting. Finally, we can use some buzz words to sound like we know what good wine is. The vineyard has been in the same family for the past 10 generations. They had the most incredible gardens, one of which is pictured below. Still haven’t started our French classes, however we have become more comfortable going out and using the little bit of French we do know. People still respond in English, at least we are trying. This weekend we have an excursion with the program to a little fishing village near here called Sete. So, the next post should have plenty of photos from that! We have also booked a trip in early February to Brussels, got some advice for the EU we think they would benefit from hearing. Keep an eye out for a little longer, more exciting post this weekend. As always, cheers!


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