Day 10 – 1/13/2019

Sorry its been a few days, we were on a bender. Bodies are running on fumes after the past couple days. Its been a interesting few days. Started out with all of us wanting to go out to the clubs. Here they open around 1 and close at 5-7 depending on the place. Not knowing much we followed our friend Ella’s advice and decided to go to “the best club in Montpellier”. We walk in and everything seems cool, its a cool building, club lights, and a dj. Something still seemed like it was missing. After a little while we noticed that while in nature males and females appear in about 50-50 proportion, this club was highly scewed toward the males. We did a little bit of digging and found out that the club we were at was in fact a gay bar… After another round of shots we quickly made our way out. Next night we let our bodies recover. Last night was another interesting one. Our neighbor friends had their friends from Barcelona come visit. We all found ourselves, after heavy pregamming, at a local Irish pub called Fitzpatrick’s. We were not not even close to the rowdiest group there, as there was a group of meathead English rugby players who were singing chants when we got there. At one point their shirts came off and they decided to have 1 v 1 wrestling matches in the streets . When they noticed our group watching they challenged the largest of our group. Fortunately, that wasn’t either of us. As we watched our new friend square up, we would be lying if we said we weren’t scared for his safety. However, just as was to be expected the Americans dominated the Englishman with brute force, as he slammed the other kid to the ground. They wanted a rematch and to challenge the rest of the group but we decided to hold on to our 1-0 record. After the pub, us and our new English friends decided to make our way to a shot bar. It was a super cool little place, on a side street. The establishment was packed to the gills. We had a couple shots and they must have been a bunch of pyromaniacs as they lit every shot on fire, with great showmanship. After we left their we are assuming we just went home, straight to bed. Overall great couple days here. Today was calming, as we went to the park to do some reading. Beautiful sunny day, perfect for sitting out on a bench.Classes fully start this week, so that should be fun! As always cheers.


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