Day 6 – 1/9/2019

Started classes today, never felt more out of place in my life. Professor asked if there where any foreign kids in the class, I actually forgot that was me and didn’t raise my hand. The kid next to me spoke some English, when I told him I from Minnesota he proceeded to ask if it was “in west? Cowboys?”. Also, kids here love tight pants, that was clearly evident in class. Yesterday was the start of what is essentially the French version of Black Friday. Great opportunity to buy tight pants at 50%-60% off… yay. We have been hitting the stores tying to buy some clothes that don’t scream, “I’m from America”. Pea coats are high on our list for purchases. No pictures for this weeks blog. We took some, just would rather my mother not see them… sorry mom. Looking forward to planning some trips in the coming weeks and setting the curve for these French kids. We’ll keep you posted with any exciting updates. Cheers


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