Day 3 – 1/6/2019

Wow. This place is way better than I ever could have thought. We have had an action/wine packed couple of days. We moved into our our new apartment, it is in a renovated chocolate factory from the 1600’s. It a mix of modern style and IKEA furniture. There are four units in our apartment but only two are complete. The other occupied unit is two other U of M students who also enjoy the consumption of cheap wine… We have become good friends! Since you last heard from us we went on a formal tour of the city, LOTS of enthusiasm from the tour guide. Following the tour we went around with two peer assistants who are basically the only reason we have any idea what is happening. The female peer assistant seem fairly intrigued by us… hmmm. today we took the tram to the Mediterranean, stunning views. Tried to get a drink by the ocean, ended up walking for 40 minutes to the other side of the marina to the only open bar, only to have them turn us away and say they were closing. Don’t think it was true as they were still serving people, I hate socialist. We have done a good amount of exploring the city on our own, by that I mean we have done some pub hoping. We are HUGE fans of a little pub in the city center called ReBuffys. Cheap wine and lots of young people, will definitely be spending a lot of time there. Neither of us are addicted to cigs yet, we’ll see how long that last. We have discovered that wine is cheaper than water, not mad about that. We got 6 bottles yesterday at the grocery, we are gonna have to restock here tomorrow… sorry mom. Took a couple pictures, that we will post below. More to come, we’ll keep you all posted, cheers.


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