Day 44 – 2/16/2019

To the big city we went. No, not New York, I’m talking about Paris of course! We left here Friday morning at around 9 by train. We quickly decided train is a GREAT way to travel. No security, show up 30 minutes early and the train stations are far more centrally located than airports. When we arrived, we looked at getting to our Airbnb on the other side of town. Ubers would have been around 25-30 euros, so we got creative and decided to each take on of the many Lime electric scooters that are around Paris. This turned out to be a great choice, as we had about a 5-mile ride along the river. It was a beautiful trip and gave us a quick glimpse of many of the main sites. After we arrived and settled in we went for a little walk to the Eiffel Tower. It was incredible to see in in person, far more impressive than the pictures make it seem. After picking our jaws up off the floor we made our way to a bar for some happy hour drinks with Ellie and her friends. Happy hour ended, and we made our way back toward where everyone was staying for a nice dinner. By that point we were ready to call it a night, we said goodbye and ran through the rain back to our Airbnb. We woke up early, ready to conquer the day on Saturday. We knocked out stop after stop. First returning to the Eiffel Tower and climbed out way up to the second level (Pictures below). It was a lot of stairs but worth the view. Next, we made our way over to the Grand Palace and strolled through the huge park there. That lead us to our next destination the iconic Louvre Museum, that houses the underwhelming Mona Lisa. The museum was mostly old classical artwork and a few marble sculptures. Believe it or not, neither of us are huge fans of classical art, but we made the most of it! Nap time came next, then shortly after we hit a bar called “The Wall” for some pre-drinks. We sampled a couple of their beers than walked the streets looking for any restaurant that would catch our eye. We shortly found one and were seated by Marta, she was a big fan of Andrew. After, we met back up with Ellie and her friends at a local bar for a drink then decided to go see the Eiffel Tower light show at midnight with two bottles of wine.  During the day was cool but at night the tower is a whole new level of incredible. After some wine and pictures, we made our way home and hit the hay. Woke up a little later Sunday and made our way to the Arc de Triumph. That was surprisingly really, really cool. It was far larger than we expected it to be and housed a museum and bathrooms inside of the top of it, who knew! Then we experienced macaroons for the first time, they definitely lived up to the hype! This is where shit hit the fan, not really. I’m exaggerating quite a bit, but it certainly wasn’t the best part. Having checked out of our Airbnb and with only a couple hours until our tour of the Catacombs we got stuck outside in the rain and crazy wind. We took shelter under a bridge and most definitely looked homeless. That didn’t last long as we found a subway and made our way to the Catacombs. They were worth it, bought our tickets online and got to skip the mile-long line as well as got the audio tour. It really was incredible to be down there, little unsure about how to act in the tunnels but we decided to liven the place up a little. That was a great way to conclude our incredible weekend in Paris. As always, cheers!